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Simply put, we are passionate about the out of doors - angling, hunting, wing shooting and teaming with dogs to make those experiences fulfilling, are key elements of our lives. Our focus is on our grown up family and grandchildren, and the home farm at Hawthorne Ridge Heritage Farm, but we are also busy researching and learning from others,  volunteering in our communities, experimenting with new recipes and training dogs.


One of our favourite activities between field seasons is settling down in a cozy nook with the writings of experts and philosophers. We want to make sure that the values of a good book - the feel and scent of leather, the weight in the lap and the joy of sharing experiences through story telling are never lost. Which means we are proud to host a lovely collection of books for sportsmen (and women). We hope you will browse, talk with us and shop if you wish to grow your own collection. We have tried to put together the best volumes that we can find: the classic and rare copies of books from yesteryear, the most insightful stories, those helpful resources that benefit even seasoned sportsmen. If you are looking for a special book we can help you locate it too. And if you are downsizing and looking for a safe home for some titles from your own collection, please let us know.

Let’s Work Together

Between Seasons,

184 Fourth Line Rd., S-Dummer,



Tel: 1+ 705-652-9871

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